New Neck Tech Collar

Mother-like Neck Tech Collar

Neck Tech Collars are also used as training collars as well as prong/pinch collars. We would like to present you this New Neck Tech Stainless Steel Collar. Herm Sprenger Collars are famous among the dog trainers all over the world for an excellent quality and interesting design.
This type of collars consists of metal links. Their special design imitates the dog's teeth, that lets the training run in natural manner, that is like mother-dog teaches her puppy to obey. 
The prongs of this Neck Tech Collar avoid dog`s fur, so it may be used for both short and long haired dog breeds.

Neck Tech Collars have different sizes. They depend on the collar length and the width of the collar. This Neck Tech is - 24 inch (60 cm) in length. 

The weight of this Neck Tech Dog Collar is about 9.6 oz (270 g).

If your dog's neck circumference is more then 24 inch, you can order an additional link, that will add 1 1/4 inch (3 cm) to the total collar length. You can add or remove links to make collar smaller or bigger so it fits your dog perfect. Note that you will need needle nose pliers to perform this action.

Neck Tech Collar Link

Main characteristics of this collar:

  • stainless steel;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • metal links;
  • additional link 3cm(1 1/4inch) length;
  • red tag (HS-Germany);
  • all links are stamped;
  • excellent breaking load;
  • extra strong.

Key features of this Comfortable Collar due to the imitation of the dog`s teeth:

  • natural way of teaching the dog;
  • effective training without pain;
  • perfect understanding between a dog and its owner;
  • comfortable wearing both for short and longhaired breeds;
Neck Tech Stainless Steel Collar

Cautions about Neck Tech Collars:

  1. Do not leave your dog unsupervised when wearing a Neck Tech Collar it may injure itself.
  2. Be attentive when choosing the size of your dog's collar; it shouldn't be bigger or smaller fot it not to cause problems.
  3. Wear the collar behind the dog's ears and under its jaw line.
  4. Try to use the collar for training time only as the dog may quickly get used to it.

You can also order Nylon Removable Protector for this Pinch Collar:

  1. Reduces contact with water.
  2. Protects against excessive light reflection.
  3. Collar makes less noise.
  4. Does not look like pinch collar - looks like regular collar.